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Fuel Supply at Slovakia Airports | Aircraft Refueling
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Working directly with fuel suppliers, we are able to offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry whilst ensuring that high-quality fuel is always delivered. Through our network of suppliers, we can arrange refuelling in any amount to every aircraft type and configuration. For everything from fuel release to uplift, our response times are fast and can be relied upon 24/7. EURO AERO can also arrange payments for you in advance to help circumvent delays. 


We can refuel your aircraft at the following locations:

 Bratislava International Airport LZIB / BTS
 Košice International Airport LZKZ / KSC
 Piešt'any Airport LZPP / PZY
 Sliac Airport  LZSL / SLD
 Poprad-Tatry Airport LZTT / TAT
 Airport Zilina LZZI / ILZ


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